More info about me

I am the youngest scholarship winner at Apple's Worldwide Developer's Conference in 2017. I have created seven apps on the App Store, and started coding when I was six and began making Javascript games when I turned seven.
I also like to eat lots of food and play video games! I also made some e-cards and online games for you and everyone to play!!!

More about Yuma

Hi Guys! This is Yuma!

Yuma Soerianto (me) is a regular boy who is also an app developer. I was the youngest iOS developer at Apple WWDC17. I was also a speaker at the World Youth Forum 2017 in Egypt and PauseFest 2018 in Melbourne!
Here are some games, e-cards, useful stuff and apps I made!

Let's Stack!
Hunger Button!
Pocket Poké!
Weather Duck!
Kid Calculator!
Rock, paper, scissors!
How minecraft-y are you?
Calculator Extreme!
Tick tock clock
Jet's card
Elian's card
Max's card